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Yellow Scarf

Art by Doudou Mbemba






63 x 51 Inches
160.02 x 129.54 CM


Doudou Mbemba, b. 1978 [Congolese]

Yellow Scarf (unframed)

For a long time now, the world has been forced into various forms of chaos. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, situations are becoming more and more degrading. Despair is in full swing in the stronghold of the young. Some people militate against the daily vagaries of life. On the other hand, others, collapse in the catastrophe. Poverty and the lack of jobs will forever remain a basic scourge, slowing down the development impetus and the emancipation of young people. This work is summed up in this fashion accessory, the yellow scarf, symbol of wealth and abundance for all who bring life. As such, it gives back a taste for life for all those who fight day and night for their emancipation. -Doudou Mbemba