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Girl on Swing

Art by Doddridge Busingye




Acrylic on canvas


78 x 59 Inches
198.12 x 149.86 CM


Doddridge Busingye b. 1990


Girl on Swing

The artwork Girl on Swing aims to portray the muse in a position of loneliness, yet hopeful. Derived

from my experience of the COVID-19 lockdowns, I found myself contemplating a lot about the idea of a

personal space; how I can learn to find peace of my own. The distance from friends and family opened

my eyes to realize how much I had been relying on someone else to find joy. I still need to keep my

peace of mind, yet I am all alone. I can't socialize like I used to.

In the presence of a companion, the muse would have had someone to help her play on the swing. Yet in

this case, she dresses majestically in her long dress, sits on the swing by herself as her eyes suggest she

is in deep thought.

The composition is almost entirely harmonized with the background in a very cool pallet, to suggest

absorption into the situation. The brighter dress suggests the self motivation to carry-on with life, no

matter how long the lockdowns last.

This piece makes me reflect on how I picked myself up from the shock of the first lockdown and got back

to the studio to continue creating art.