Artwork name: Fractal Tree

Artist: Fractal Tree


Fractals: Koos Fractal Tree

Each branch in this tree has a square cross section and (except for the trunk)v it is cut off at 45° at the bottom, giving rise to a 1:v2-rectangular cut. At the other end, each branch (including the trunk) is cut twice at 45° v2, giving it a right-angled ‘roof’ consisting of two 1:v2 rectangles. Each roof rectangle accommodates the rectangular base of the next, scaled down, branch. The angle between a branch and each of its smaller offspring branches is 120°. In spite of this ’nice’ angle, it turns out that no two branches point in the same direction. It is a truly ‘wild’ tree.

The fractal nature of the tree can be appreciated by thinking of the tree as consisting of a trunk and two scaled-down copies of the entire tree attached to the trunk. It has fractal dimension 2 (even though the branches are 1-dimensional). Natural trees usually have a fractal dimension close to 2, because that way they can capture the most light, and it makes them strong and flexible enough to withstand violent winds.

In 1988 Koos wrote a speech about the importance of fractals titled "Chaos en de computer (chaos and the computer)". The speech is currently being translated for a publication with a collection of fractal images. Additionally I plan to create a virtual fractal exhibit on fractals.

Bronze edition 30" (a 60" bronze version is currently being constructed)